Australian Bureau of Statistics discussion paper: The economic contribution of culture. #heritagefutures

The economic contribution of culture
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released a discussion paper about measuring the economic contribution of cultural and creative activity in Australia.
In Australia and internationally, there is strong public interest in the role of these activities in the economy, as highlighted recently by Australia’s National Cultural Policy Creative Australia.
Statistics have been published for these activities in other countries such as Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom and Spain.
The ABS’ discussion paper explains how cultural and creative activity could be measured in Australia and invites comment on the proposed approach, data and investment priorities
The proposals in the discussion paper were prepared in consultation with key government organisations and academics.
The ABS is seeking comments on the proposals by 30 August 2013.
Further information can be found in Discussion Paper: Cultural and Creative Activity Satellite Accounts (cat. no. 5271.0.55.001), available for free download from the ABS website
Direct link to report:


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