DCMS report: A holistic approach to valuing our culture. #heritagefutures

Dr Claire Donovan has been blogging and carrying out research for DCMS, exploring whether and how the value of culture can be measured. Her report, A holistic approach to valuing our culture, concludes that relying on economic indicators alone is unrealistic in practice – but that by combining economic and non-economic material, useful evidence can be gathered. She argues too that DCMS can draw from the AHRC’s recently announced Cultural Value project to set up benchmarks from which it could built a toolkit for the sector.

Her work combined online dialogue with the sector and desk research. She says “the strength of the blog discussion was that the cultural sector saw no contradiction in valuing our culture using an array of monetary or narrative approaches, and with capturing the unique value that the cultural sector creates”.

Report: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-holistic-approach-to-valuing-our-culture
Blog: http://blogs.culture.gov.uk/main/2013/05/post_36.html


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