EENC Report: The social and economic value of cultural heritage (literature review)

In early 2013, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) asked the EENC to prepare a review of recent academic literature and research reports addressing the social and economic value of cultural heritage.

The resulting document, which includes an analysis of 87 publications, should contribute to the implementation of activities in the context of the European Agenda for Culture as well as the recognition of the potential role of cultural heritage for the achievement of the Europe 2020 strategy, the EU’s mid-term plan to foster smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. A final chapter summarises the main findings and presents some conclusions, as regards the areas of impact observed, the policy relevance, the methodologies used and the research and documentation needs identified.


Natural England Report: Green Infrastructure – Valuation Tools Assessment (NECR126)

Green Infrastructure – Valuation Tools Assessment (NECR126)
There are an increasing number of tools available that aim to value green infrastructure. Many of these focus on specific services provided by the green infrastructure and estimate the economic value of these services.
This report was commissioned to draw together a number of the most widely used tools and assess them against research standards for natural science and economics. The aim is to help people wanting to value green infrastructure choose the best tool for them. As well as descriptions and the assessment of the tools, links to further information and examples of the use of the tools are provided. The report also points to the key gaps in the tools available highlighting areas for further work.

Oxford Economics / HLF Report: The Economic Impact of the UK Heritage Tourism Economy. #heritagefutures

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has requested that Oxford Economics update their 2010 report on the economic impact of the UK heritage tourism industry using the latest available data. This study quantified the scale of economic activity associated with heritage-based tourism in the UK.
A key objective is to develop an indication of the scale of the gross economic impact of heritage tourism in the UK in terms of visit numbers, visit spend, employment and GDP. Then, comparisons are made with other sectors of the UK economy.
Released July 2013.
Press release:

Australian Bureau of Statistics discussion paper: The economic contribution of culture. #heritagefutures

The economic contribution of culture
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released a discussion paper about measuring the economic contribution of cultural and creative activity in Australia.
In Australia and internationally, there is strong public interest in the role of these activities in the economy, as highlighted recently by Australia’s National Cultural Policy Creative Australia.
Statistics have been published for these activities in other countries such as Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom and Spain.
The ABS’ discussion paper explains how cultural and creative activity could be measured in Australia and invites comment on the proposed approach, data and investment priorities
The proposals in the discussion paper were prepared in consultation with key government organisations and academics.
The ABS is seeking comments on the proposals by 30 August 2013.
Further information can be found in Discussion Paper: Cultural and Creative Activity Satellite Accounts (cat. no. 5271.0.55.001), available for free download from the ABS website
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